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Moosservice24: professional roof cleaning by an expert

Even if it hardly catches the eye for flat roofs: Moos, dirt, Algae and Co not only look unsightly, Deposits also damage the building structure. In the long term they cost you money. homeowners, who want to counteract the decline in the value of your property, are well advised with a time carried out Dachreinigung.



Moose, seaweed, Lichen and other impurities lead to flat as well as on sloping roofs to increased formation of moisture. It collects and penetrates through fine cracks in the building fabric over time, no matter how complicated roofs from moisture, Frost and snow were protected. Lasting moisture affect primarily wooden structures, she lets the material to swell, making it porous. This happens over a long period even in soft sandstone or concrete. In the worst case, the structure of the building gets affected. If moisture first time penetrated the roof and the ceiling, also favors they mold growth in homes. Health hazards threaten.

Innovative: Cleaning procedure with long-term protection

Numerous reasons for the cleaning of roof surfaces. It starts with an optical point and extends to the sustainable protection of the building fabric. It effectively prevents the loss of value of your property. Moosservice24 cares - reliable, economical, on schedule, throughout Germany. In our work see roof tiles, ceramic pans, Bitumenanstriche, Flat- and thatched roofs like the first day. We also remove verdigris of components made of copper. You and your neighbors recognize the cleaned of us hardly roof again. Our optimized cleaning process has been proven in countless missions. Many satisfied customers underline our expertise and high quality standards. Put us to the test, For us no challenge is too high.

guaranteed environmental

As part of the roof cleaning we spray your roof with an innovative cleaner, the dirt, Moos- and algae efficiently eliminated. By environmentally friendly active ingredients microorganisms and plant parts die. They dry up and turn to dust. This is carried away by wind or washed away by rain. It caused no residue, lead to the blockage of gutters. The surfaces of the roof coating is damaged in any way. Only in exceptional circumstances and with very heavy deposits Pressure washers come with us to use. While the volunteers do all the work, However, it is also produced fine water vapor. It cools and leaves a film of moisture on the roof, we would like to avoid.

whether roof- or facade cleaning: We write service large

Our service does not end in the cleaning of roof coatings. We can do much more. We seal building roofs and clean dirty gutters. Furthermore, the photovoltaic is one of our multifaceted services cleaning, whereby we liberate all panels of dirt and dust. You benefit from a much higher solar energy yield. The solar cleaning is done exclusively with environmentally friendly cleaning products. See the masonry and the paint of your home from unsightly, then take our thorough facade cleaning services.

We attach great importance to the comprehensive and targeted customer service. For each type of pollution we have the right cleaning concept ready. Our attractive and above all transparent package prices do not say definitely no. the size of the roof surface are for our pricing, the relevant construction and condition of the badger. Just send us your inquiry.