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to market the own idea and successfully durchzustarten with your own company is for more and more young people to lifelong dream. One of the currently popular forms of Business start is this Start up Company.
Here, mostly young founding teams try, your Startup-Idee successfully established on the market.
We as Brudek group of companies have set ourselves the task, those same Start up Company in the region and South Baden Freiburg to take a chance and financially as well as with our Know-How to support. Because as a young entrepreneur in starting a play Startups several important factors involved. Mainly arises in many start-up teams the question: What is the right and appropriate financing for my Startup? How do I decide between safe Crowdfunding, Business angels or Venture Capital companies? the pros- and disadvantages, especially for young Startup-Teams often difficult to see through. therefore the Foundern it falls most heavily, to make the right choice so as to lay the foundation for sustainable corporate development.
But why to do many Startups so hard on the question of an appropriate form of financing? Basically, it should be said, that regional infrastructure in terms of startup companies in many cases is still expandable. While in places like Berlin or Hamburg startups are literally find a dime a dozen, southern Germany still lags greatly behind. And often a large part of the founding expenses will only be spent, having to make irrelevant decisions for the company's success, which is just another unnecessary burden for young start-up teams.
But the question of the right type of financing is just the beginning.
A startup begins with its founders and ends with its founder on, or? The real business to start is still the easiest step for the startup team.
Like many young companies have already failed precisely to its founders, seems difficult to quantify. The founders bear without question the greatest responsibility, for they are finally, which often perforce important business decisions have to make.
The business idea is still young, Equity is scarce and in raising capital considerable problems can occur. Here banking alternative financing options come into play – provided, the entrepreneurial idea has substance and is suitable for their business. It is especially true for the founders, to convince investors sustainably. Here we as Brudek corporate group. As an investor, Startups in the region, we see ourselves as an important point of contact in matters of entrepreneurship, Financing and financial planning. Here, we can of course help through our decades of know-how in the enormously important phase of business start-up.
If the initial difficulties overcome and the first growth spurt reached, it applies to the Startup, to invest in a solid financial basis. On the basis of the first numbers and a delicate confidence in one's own business idea and the entrepreneurial skills can be used for Startup funding are now resorting to an extended network funding.
After this initial phase, a constant strategic focus particularly is fundamental to a healthy and above all economically sustainable development of startups. This includes the stabilization from client relationships and the formation of sufficient equity in the company.
Especially here we can help not only by our excellent network of vendors and suppliers as a nationally sought-after industry partners, but also in communicating essential industry contacts. Comprehensive networking within their own division is as important as for established companies to startup teams. This type of support allows most startups only, sustainable and solid to respond by company growth to market developments and to provide sufficient resources and financial capacity available. But every company eventually runs the risk, getting into trouble. Be it through a strategic incorrect positioning, Bad debts or lack of sales. Threatens to default, applies it to act swiftly and to bring all the partners on board. applies here: Cards on the Table! Good documentation helps immensely here, and the path on a reorganization does not mean all day evening. For here creates new opportunities, realign the young company and manage potential contamination to efficiently.


Overall, we see for startups in the southern Baden area sufficient opportunities, to present themselves on competitive basis on the market. The well-developed infrastructure of the region include an area-wide deployment of broadband networks and efficient transport networks. The neighboring economies such as e.g.. Basel or Stuttgart area contribute, that already local companies are becoming more networked. This information advantage enables smarter and more efficiently - an advantage, can not offer many of the metropolitan areas. In addition, the economic region of Baden and South Baden is peppered with world market leaders and hidden champions like SAP, the Schwarz group or ZF.

The Brudek group of companies is pleased, in the financial Services from founding team to stand aside and next financial also be able to offer consulting support.